Ten years ago, superheroes succeeded in their battle against the forces of evil. With the final supervillains destroyed, it seemed that the world would at last see peace. However not even the heroes could stop a global financial crisis.

Desperate to save their economy, the American government funded research into developing a means of manufacturing superpowers.

They succeeded.

The American economy flourished. More and more people rushed to gain powers but the high cost of production meant that only the rich could afford the procedure.

Unemployment began to rise rapidly among non-powered citizens as superpowered individuals began eating up all the available jobs.

Years later, another financial crisis has left non-powered communities angry and desperate for support. As protests begin to sweep the nation, conflict seems unavoidable.

Enter The League: The last surviving superhero team in America.

As tensions continue to rise between the powered and non-powered communities, our heroes will be forced to choose sides in a morally gray struggle that will decide the future of the entire country.

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