More Than Men

Ten years ago the US government found a way to manufacture super powers but the high cost of production meant that only the RICH could afford the procedure. MORE THAN MEN is the story of the League: the last remaining superhero team in America. Once loved and respected, the heroes now struggle to stay relevant in a world that has reduced their abilities to the mundane. But as tensions begin to rise between the powered and non-powered communities, our heroes will once again see themselves thrust into the spotlight, just not in the way they expect...

One Comic To Rule Them All

ONE COMIC TO RULE THEM ALL is an artist owned, 152 page digital comic book anthology based on a single word writing prompt: Fantasy. Published as a collective effort by the ComicBookHour community, OCTRA contains 24 beautifully crafted short stories by creators from all over the world with all profits going directly to the creators.

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