More Than Men
What if only the rich had super powers?

Ten years ago, the US government found a way to manufacture super powers but the high cost of production meant that only the rich could afford the procedure.

Superheroes descend on an anti-powers protest.

Once loved and respected, superheroes now struggle to stay relevant in a world that has reduced their abilities, to the mundane.

A smiling waitress levitates a mug of coffee, asking someone if they want a refill.

Today, only a single superhero team still exists in all of America, and even their days seem numbered.

News crews surround a group of superheroes.

But as tensions begin to rise between the powered and non-powered communities, our heroes will once again see themselves thrust into the spotlight, just not in the way they expect...

A man looks down in shock as the cigarette in his mouth bursts into flames.
Four superheroes pose powerfully together. Click here to get the entire digital first issue free!