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Colours are the first thing anyone notices when they look at a page. They’re also very easy to get wrong.

Just like drawing, I’m NOT going to teach you how to colour. What I WILL do, is show you the tools and techniques you can use to maximize what you can get from your colours.

Colouring Terminology

Hue vs Saturation vs Luminosity (video) - Bruce Gabrielle


  • Hue: The actual colour itself. Going from red to blue is a change in hue.

  • Saturation: How much gray is in the colour. The higher the saturation, the more “pure” and intense the colour. A saturation of zero is completely greytone.

  • Brightness/Luminosity: Related to saturation, but about how bright the colour is. A brightness of zero is black.

  • Flats: Breaking each segment of a page/panel into a single colour with no rendering. Done in advance of rendering to speed up the process (see the section on flatting) but can also be used stylistically in the final art.

  • Rendering: Varying hue, saturation and brightness within segments to add more detail to colours.

  • Colour Hold: Changing black line art to a non black colour. Often used for style but can also be used to show atmospheric perspective (more on that later). Check out Nathan Fairburn’s quick tutorial on how to do colour holds.