Printer Comparison Table

Prices To Print Your Comic - Digital Webbing forums thread by Renae De Liz

Armed with the knowledge from the previous sections, it’s time to pick your printer!

If you’re only printing in very small numbers (25 or less) your best option price wise is probably a local printer. That would most likely entail some additional setup however since most local printers aren’t set up for comics.

If you’re doing a major run (250+ copies), you’ll probably save money by going with a larger printer. To help you out I’ve amassed a list of printers with their estimates.

All price estimates in my document are in USD and are based off the specs for the comic I was making at the time which were:

  • 32 pages (not including cover)
  • Gloss coating (interior pages and cover)
  • 6.625 by 10.25 inch page size
  • Full colour
  • Saddle stitched

Different specs can vary the prices quite a bit from company to company so don’t take these prices as a direct comparison for what to expect for your comic.