Where To Find Your Team

So now you’ve written up your solicitation, where do you post it?

Here’s a list of some of the common online places comic creators go to find a team:

  • Social media - What better place to find people to work with than the places they’re posting their art to? If you find someone on any social platform, make sure to contact them in their preferred method. Many people will link to a website or email address so don’t go directly messaging people unless they say that’s their preference. And if people say they’re not open to commissions, respect that!

  • Digital Webbing - Active forums for writers, artists, letterers and other creators. FANTASTIC for finding collaborators.

  • DeviantArt - Massive collection of artists. Also has writers though they are less common.

  • Comic Book Collabs SubReddit - Reddit forums for finding collaborators. This is where I found my artist for More Than Men. They post anthologies here too!

  • ZWOL - An older comic forum with a section where you can post solicitations for collaborators.

  • Connecting Comic Book Writers and Artists - Highly active Facebook group for finding collaborators.

  • Behance - Not specific to comics but has a large list of illustrators and graphic designers.

If you’re looking for direct, in person hiring you have a few options:

  • Go to comic conventions. Conventions are a great way to make connections with both new and established creators. Different conventions have different purposes. Some are specific to comics while others are general “fan expos”. Know what the purpose of each convention is to know what kinds of people you should expect to see. Again, make sure to respect people’s boundaries. Be nice and understanding, and if they’re not looking for work, don’t ask.

  • Find local comic communities. Depending on how large your city is, you may have a small local comic community. (Like my local comics society, Cloudscape!) You can usually find these communities through google, or by checking for public facebook groups and events like drink and draws or comic jams. You can also ask at your local art gallery. If your area doesn’t have a community, consider creating one!