General Resources

I’ve placed useful links and resources throughout the guide. While I’ve tried to make the guide itself as complete as possible, I thought additional voices would help achieve a more diverse range of opinions.

The following is a collection of all the resources that don’t fit into any particular chapter or topic.

Making Comics - Collection of articles pertaining to all aspects of comics

Pipedream Comics - Comic creation articles written by writer Ryan Garcia.

Collection of useful writing related resources by my fellow writer Jerenda :)

Kids Guide to Making Movies - Guide by Ely covering the “Movie-Making Basics”. Also has links to resources relevant for comics.

How To Break Into Comics and Survive Once You’re There - A resource list by Comics Beat full of articles and blogs containing comic making tips and tutorials

Paper Cat Press - A curated community board for freelance illustrators and comic creators. Weekly roundups that contain a ton of information on upcoming projects and anthologies.

Creator Resource - Comic book freelancing tools and resources

Making Money From Webcomics - Amazing, amazing PDF produced by the Finnish Comic Society covering many aspects of the comic making process including tips on crowdfunding, conventions, marketing and much more.


Understanding Comics, Making Comics and Reinventing Comics - Scott McCloud

Comics and Sequential Art - Will Eisner

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures - Jessica Abel, Matt Madden

How to Make Webcomics - Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Dave Kellett, Brad Guigar

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga - Hirohiko Araki

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice - Ivan Brunetti


Writing Excuses - A weekly podcast hosted by well known, published writers. Though it’s designed for novel writers, it’s still jam packed with helpful info for writers of all kinds.

Dirty Old Ladies - Don’t let the title deter you. This podcast hosts 3 of the biggest indie creators out there and is full of great advice about Kickstarting comics, art education, conventions, and more.

Comics Experience - A bi-monthly podcast all about the comic making process.

Comix Launch - Amazing resource that primarily focuses on Kickstarter and marketing for comics.

Decompressed - Interviews comic creators by getting them to break down specific pages of their comics.

Off Panel - “An interview show getting the story behind the comics we love.”

Comics Manifest - “Interviews with influential people in the world of comics.”

Make It Then Tell Everybody - Art tutorials and podcasts all about the comics craft

YouTube channels

Camera Panda - A playlist of the entire “writing for science fiction and fantasy” university course taught by Brandon Sanderson. WATCH THIS SERIES!!!! Trust me.

Jenna Moreci - Very blunt tips and tricks with a focus on writing.

Strip Panel Naked - Tips and advice through the analysis of mainstream comics.

Jonathan Rector - Lineart and colour tutorials with a focus on Manga Studio

McKay & Gray - Plotting, character design, art tutorials and more!


How to Make a Comic Book - A project-centered course where you create an original four page minicomic designed around a short story of your choosing. The full course material is available for free.

Pixar in a Box - Pixar and Khan Academy course all about what goes into making a Pixar film. While not comics centered, still has plenty of good info about topics including story telling, camera angles and color theory.