General Resources

I’ve placed useful links and resources throughout the guide. While I’ve tried to make the guide itself as complete as possible, I thought additional voices would help achieve a more diverse range of opinions.

The following is a collection of all the resources that don’t fit into any particular chapter or topic.

Making Comics - Collection of articles pertaining to all aspects of comics

Pipedream Comics - Comic creation articles written by writer Ryan Garcia.

Collection of useful writing related resources by my fellow writer Jerenda :)

Kids Guide to Making Movies - Guide by Ely covering the “Movie-Making Basics”. Also has links to resources relevant for comics.

How To Break Into Comics and Survive Once You’re There - A resource list by Comics Beat full of articles and blogs containing comic making tips and tutorials

Paper Cat Press - A curated community board for freelance illustrators and comic creators. Weekly roundups that contain a ton of information on upcoming projects and anthologies.

Creator Resource - Comic book freelancing tools and resources

Making Money From Webcomics - Amazing, amazing PDF produced by the Finnish Comic Society covering many aspects of the comic making process including tips on crowdfunding, conventions, marketing and much more.

Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author - Various tips for those interested in a professional career in writing. (Thanks to Anna for sharing!)

A Writer’s Guide to Healthy Wrists and Hands - Tips for taking care of your hands and wrists while you write and draw. (Thanks to Hailey for sharing!)


Understanding Comics, Making Comics and Reinventing Comics - Scott McCloud

Comics and Sequential Art - Will Eisner

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures - Jessica Abel, Matt Madden

How to Make Webcomics - Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Dave Kellett, Brad Guigar

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga - Hirohiko Araki

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice - Ivan Brunetti


Writing Excuses - A weekly podcast hosted by well known, published writers. Though it’s designed for novel writers, it’s still jam packed with helpful info for writers of all kinds.

Dirty Old Ladies - Don’t let the title deter you. This podcast hosts 3 of the biggest indie creators out there and is full of great advice about Kickstarting comics, art education, conventions, and more.

Comics Experience - A bi-monthly podcast all about the comic making process.

Comix Launch - Amazing resource that primarily focuses on Kickstarter and marketing for comics.

Decompressed - Interviews comic creators by getting them to break down specific pages of their comics.

Off Panel - “An interview show getting the story behind the comics we love.”

Comics Manifest - “Interviews with influential people in the world of comics.”

Make It Then Tell Everybody - Art tutorials and podcasts all about the comics craft

YouTube channels

Camera Panda - A playlist of the entire “writing for science fiction and fantasy” university course taught by Brandon Sanderson. WATCH THIS SERIES!!!! Trust me.

Jenna Moreci - Very blunt tips and tricks with a focus on writing.

Strip Panel Naked - Tips and advice through the analysis of mainstream comics.

Jonathan Rector - Lineart and colour tutorials with a focus on Manga Studio

McKay & Gray - Plotting, character design, art tutorials and more!


How to Make a Comic Book - A project-centered course where you create an original four page minicomic designed around a short story of your choosing. The full course material is available for free.

Pixar in a Box - Pixar and Khan Academy course all about what goes into making a Pixar film. While not comics centered, still has plenty of good info about topics including story telling, camera angles and color theory.