Font Types

Surprisingly (or maybe not), not only are there different fonts to choose from, there are also quite a few font TYPES to be aware of. As a quick overview:


  • One of the original digital font types so it has limited features

  • Low number of allowed characters/glyphs

  • Still universally supported, though it’s been widely replaced by OpenType


  • “Standard” font type with all the base features.

  • NOT cross platform (requires converting your font files to switch between windows and mac)


  • Extended from TrueType and Type1 (so has all their features and more)

  • Platform agnostic (works on both windows and mac interchangeably)

  • Auto-ligature support


  • I don’t know much about this one but you can read about it on Adobe’s FAQ page.

To keep it simple, if given a choice choose OpenType.