This AMAZING list of useful links for artists (google doc) - Maddy Haynes

Drawing and Storyboarding for Visual Storytelling (article) - Ron Doucet

Ctrl+Paint (website) - Free tutorials dedicated to the basics of digital painting

Fun With A Pencil: How Everybody Can Easily Learn to Draw (book) - Andrew Loomis

Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded Edition (book) - Burne Hogarth

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way (book) - Stan Lee, John Buscema

Draw With Jazza (videos) - Drawing tips, tutorials and exercises

Ahmed Aldoori (videos) - Speed painting and tutorials

VZA (videos) - A collection of art and tutorials by various artists

How to Draw Comics . NET (videos) - Inking and colouring tutorials and speed paintings

Proko (videos) - Time lapses and tutorials

WhytManga (videos) - Manga style demos and tutorials

Draw Paint Academy (articles) - Tips and tutorials helping beginners learn how to paint

Pens, pencils, brushes, oh my!

Arguably the most important part of the comics making process (and definitely the most time consuming) is drawing/painting the art.

While this chapter is all about drawing for comics, I’m not going to be teaching you how to draw. That would be an entire guide in and of itself and unfortunately I have neither the time nor the artistic ability to make such a guide, at least for now.

What this chapter WILL do, is examine the key aspects of the artistic process as well as the many techniques you can apply to your drawings to create a specific effect for your reader.